The government website has plenty of detailed information on apprenticeships and how the new standards require and End Point Assessment and we are not here to challenge or go through those processes. You are here to get insights on how United Centre of Excellence will get you as a Training Provider or Employer trainer ready for EPA, for the Improvement Apprenticeship Standards.

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video.

It will give you an idea of the service we will provide as an EPA before you sign any agreement.

(To view it full screen using the Chrome web browser – right click on the video and select “Open Video in New Tab”)

Note: Details of each step in the video can been seen in detail below this video…

You can email for A5 double sided flyers to help explain to your customers what each of the Improvement Apprenticeship are and how they bring ROI to their business through your training programme.

When emailing us for these flyers, please be sure to provide the following:

  1. Business & Contact Name
  2. Quantity of Flyers per Apprenticeship Standard
    (example: 50 Technician, 50 Practitioner, and only 15 Specialist)
  3. Full Postal Address including Post Code for Delivery

Below is a link to the Email versions of the documents you can use for e-marketing and the other link to web versions which you can edit and add your own logo on and advertise these standards on your own website.

Click on the links below to download the files…

Email Flyers – Front images only: Download (File size 2.3mb)

Website or Social Media Flyers – Front images only: Download (File size 3.3mb)

Print Quality flyers if you want to add your logo – Both side images: Download PSD (File size 21.5mb zip file)
(Add your company logo Top Right only – please follow print guidelines)

See the video below, be sure to turn up the volume to hear the explanation of the folders and how they work, we are creating supporting materials for all standards and the link below gives you a framework of how UCE as the EPAO for these standards has mapped the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & BEHAVIOURS to meet the requirements and QA.

  1. TKS = Target Knowledge Sheet
  2. TWS = Target Work Sheets
  3. TPK = Target Portfolio Kit

Click on the link below to download framework

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video.

We have made the process simple and electronic. Click on the link below and read the document and sign it or you can copy the URL (Link) and email it to who ever in your company needs to review and sign it. Be sure to have taken relative legal advice before signing the document as this is an official agreement and the electronic signature is just a simpler way of operating this process.

Once we receive notification to say that the agreement has been signed we can review the document and start our process to release you vital information to start your journey…

Click on the link below…

UCE EPA Agreement

In any programme the application of VAT always seems open to debate, and we have been looking to see if we can answer some of the more common queries we get.

One of these has been the treatment of VAT as regard Apprenticeship end-point assessment costs. Guidance says that ‘Supplies of training which are paid by government funding, including the apprenticeship levy are exempt from VAT. ….. Prices entered on to the ILR should not include VAT.’ The ESFA have now clarified to us that the term ‘training’ includes end point assessment, and therefore end-point assessment costs do not attract VAT charges.

Note however that non-levy (and co-investment) employer contributions do attract VAT charges (where the provider is VAT-registered) but these elements should not be entered on the ILR.

You have now selected UCE as your preferred EPAO – End Point Assessment Organisation. Let us help and assist you in your journey. You will be sent an email with a link to our e-portfolio of templates and guidance material in the next 72 hours. If you haven’t heard from us or need information quicker, please email or call 01332 987 670