Management Consulting

As a leading EPA we also understand that is important for our customers to have access to training providers and management consultants in Lean Six Sigma, Business Improvement, Apprenticeship delivery, operational excellence and robust design, our consortium can provide multiple support for your company in providing advice, consultancy and training, helping you to achieve cost-effective compliance, high productivity and business agility.

Whether you prefer support by telephone, online or on-site, we have a solution to suit every business size and budget. We also have an extensive selection of online guidance and tools, covering various business sectors.

Based on its first class track record in the delivery of Lean manufacturing programmes, including thousands of Business Improvement Techniques apprenticeships within the Aerospace, Maritime, Rail, Manufacturing and many other sectors, the UCE consortium is working with selective professionals leading business improvement across industry. For more information please email

The UCE consortium, whose customer base includes the likes of Network Rail, First Group, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce. British Aerospace and many more, we aim to lead the way in Lean & Six Sigma provision and accreditation by uniting the individual strengths or a number of key providers.

Any organisation which wants to deploy the very best in Lean & Six Sigma training, and prefers to work with training partners who can offer real, hands-on experience and a proven track record of success, will now have straight-forward access to the very best.

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