Organisations need an objective way to measure performance and tie actions back to business outcomes to improve continuously. Businesses which use a data-driven decision framework with an autonomous team model and a practice of retrospectives to help people make better decisions and proposals can drive a culture of continuous improvement.

UCE can provide independent management consultancy to provide such insights and embed the culture through a funded training solution if required.

Building a culture of continuous improvement in an age of disruption!

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Get to grips with the UCE End Point Assessment Journey, it will guide all Training Providers, Employers and Apprentices to each stage of the process in a simple one page summary of the 4 stages in the EPA Journey.

-1 = Pre Gate one

1 = Welcome and set-up with UCE

2 = Registering and preparing the apprentices with customer support

3= Prepare for gateway and then run End Point Assessment

4 = Results / Feedback and Certification